Redmond Ice Slicer - Ice Melt Salt, Kid & Pet Safe Deicer, All-Natural Granular Slicer 10 Lb Bag

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  • CHILD AND PET SAFE ICE MELT – Use this kid- and pet-safe ice melt without any worries. Redmond Ice Slicer deicing salt is safe for kids, pets, plants, lawn, and the environment
  • ALL NATURAL – Nontoxic and 100% natural. No urea, no dyes, no polymers. Our fast-acting, earthy ice melt salt is even OMRI Listed
  • INCREDIBLE, FAST MELTING POWER – Other deicing salts quit melting at 20° F, but Redmond Ice Slicer keeps working down to 0° F and works 3 times faster. Keep your family safe this winter and reduce slips and falls in the toughest winter storms with Ice Slicer ice melt
  • USE LESS, GET BETTER RESULTS – Highly concentrated deicing salt that lets you use less without sacrificing effectiveness. Treat up to 400 square feet with one bag of Ice Slicer snow melt salt!
  • LONG LASTING – Ice Slicer ice melt leaves behind a red residue that acts like a time-release formula to help decrease re-icing for up to three days. The red color is naturally-occurring and won’t stain flooring