Ketosis Level 150 Testing Strips & Free e-Book

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Our Ketosis Level Testing Strips kit comes with a free (no fluff) downloadable e-book that includes great tips and info on how to lose more weight and get healthier with the ketogenic diet and much, much more.



  • Includes 150 Test Strips
  • Each testing strip provides accurate and fast results, making the process of checking your ketosis levels so simple, quick and easy. A handy tool when following a low carb diet to give you extra encouragement
  • Stay motivated and on track to reach your goals on the ketogenic diet. Monitor the results of your fat burning diet, know if you are in ketosis and what foods are taking you out of ketosis
  • Extremely easy to use, great value and quality.
  • Simple and clear instructions with Instant reliable results to keep you motivated and on track for your weight loss goals
  • No more seeing blood and needles using Ketosis Level Testing Strips.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Ketosis Level Testing Strips - Qty 150