Heavy Duty Thickened Non-woven Fabric Pots Grow Bags with Strap Handles

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  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of 300g of thickened, nonwoven fabric with reinforced sturdy handle straps for easier, secure lifting and moving. Built with a flat base, you can easily fill this pot by yourself
  • BREATHABLE: Nonwoven fabric means your plant roots stay aerated and are air-pruned, which keeps their roots from circling and makes them more efficient when absorbing nutrients and overall healthier root structures
  • GREAT DRAINAGE: These bags naturally drain any excess water. Never deal with over-watering your plants or moldy soil because excess water will flow through the weaving, which means your soil will be moist but not wet
  • MULTIPLE USES: Perfect for outdoors, patios, or indoor growing operations. Can be used with traditional soil or soil mixes. If your plant is going to outgrow the bag, you can simply place the entire bag into a new pot and the plant roots will grow through the bottom. These bags are good for multiple uses and can be used over multiple years
  • VIVOSUN’S QUALITY ASSURANCE: We pride ourselves on outstanding customer care. If you have any issue please do not hesitate to contact our customer service

Product Description

Bring green to life!

There are a few considerations gardeners should be aware of when first trying grow bags:

  • Grow bags may leak some water out the sides, so a tray to catch the runoff is necessary if used indoors.
  • Due to the nature of aeration, a bit more watering than usual may be needed - but this can be fixed by placing trays under the bags so the water gets reabsorbed.

VIVOSUN Tan Grow Bags

Thicker Fabric, Super Durable Handles and Sturdy Construction

  • VIVOSUN's grow bags are made of thick-but-breathable 300 GSM nonwoven material.
  • The softer, thicker material of the tan bags results in greater absorbency, so VIVOSUN bags reduce water leakage and retain moisture while delivering the perfect amount of aeration.
  • VIVOSUN fabric offers the best water absorption capability, delivering the maximum water and nutrients to the root system.
  • An added bonus is that tan grow bags tend not to attract mosquitoes.
  • 300 GSM Fabric Material
  • Durable and Breathable
  • BPA-free
  • Sturdy Construction for Many Years of Use

The Ultimate Space Efficiency

  • Can be folded up and laid flat when not in use to take up less room in your garage.
  • Filled grow bags can be pushed very close together to save space.
  • Rigid enough to stand up on their own, so filling is easy.
  • Look presentable in a porch, balcony or outdoor garden.
  • Great for nursing young plants before they're big enough to be planted in the ground without risk of transplant shock

A Versatile Choice Both Professional Gardeners and Hobbyists

Thicker Fabric

VIVOSUN bags are thicker and more absorbent than competing models, but still prevent water and nutrients from stagnating around the root system.

Sturdy Strap Handles

Strap handles are firmly stitched on and reinforced to support far more than a full load of wet soil; The straps don't stretch or rip like "built-in" fabric handles sometimes do.

X Shape Sewing

Designed to be easy to lift over and over, whenever you decide to move your plants.VIVOSUN bags are reusable from year to year.

Size 6.5" 10.8" 5"x15" 12"x10" 48"x48"x80"
Weight 0.1808 pounds 0.0992 pounds 0.1499 pounds 1.261 pounds 27.4498 pounds
Product Features Flexible use Easy to wihout battery Strong and durable Space Efficiency Stable
Function/Application They are great for selective pruning of plants It helps you know soil clearly and care your plants rationally Trellis Netting can be a huge advantage for growers to get max yeilds The softer, thicker material of the tan bags results in greater absorbency It creates a friendly environment for your plants