DIY Disc Wheel Tire Remote Control Model Toy

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Fun remote control two-wheeler" is an original technology small production car. After the required kit is assembled, the two wheels of the remote control forward and reverse to achieve forward, backward, turn and rotate in situ and other actions.
This is a fun Maker Kit (parts) that contains all the mechanical parts, remote controls, and installation instructions needed to assemble the product.
Come and hands-on, complete this fun car now.
(Note: Younger children need to assemble with the help of their parents)


  • Overall length: about 13 cm
  • Overall height: about 12 cm
  • Remote control distance: about 5-8 meters
  • Battery Type: 1.5V AA dry batteries, total requires 4x Batteries, of which 2 installed in remote control, 2 installed in car. (Note: the battery need to bring their own)

Package includes: 

  • One (1) DIY Disc Wheel Toy