Sports Compression Arm Sleeve - UV/Sun Protection and Cooling Base Layer

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It is no coincidence that top athletes across the U.S., in almost every sport, are wearing Bucwild Sports compression arm sleeves.
Our arm sleeves are a great investment for any athlete who wants to perform at their highest level, and as an added benefit they look pretty cool as well.

Improved Circulation: Good circulation can protect muscles from future injury, and provide support for athletes with a previous injury.
Faster Recovery: Allows blood flow to circulate quicker to the heart, which aids in recovery from intense workouts.
Maintain Warmth: Keep muscles warm thus maintaining the right temperature and flexibility which boosts performance.
Protection: Provide protection against bumps, scrapes, and UV rays.

Bucwild Sports Arm Sleeve is perfect for:
Basketball Shooter Sleeve
Running / Jogging
Lymphedema / Swelling
Arm / Elbow Pain

For a perfect fit, measure the relaxed bicep and choose the size that matches your bicep measurement.
If measurement falls in between two sizes, choose the larger size. Measurement chart can be found under images.
If you need help choosing correct size we will be glad to help you.
Please message us through , or email us at: support@bucwildsports

Youth Small (YS): 6 - 7”
Youth Medium (YM): 7 - 8”
Youth Large (YL): 8 - 9”
Adult Small: 10 - 13”
Adult Medium: 13 - 15”
Adult Large: 15 - 17”

All arm sleeves listed are manufactured, designed, and distributed exclusively by Bucwild Sports™.

  • COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION FIT...Bucwild Sports poly-spandex moisture wicking material will keep your arm dry and your muscles warm
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE...Each arm sleeve is engineered to offer mild compression for increased circulation to the arm allowing for faster muscle recovery and decreased fatigue
  • NO SLIPPING… Our no-slip silicone grip found at the top of all Bucwild Sports arm sleeves keeps your arm sleeve in place regardless of how intense the activity
  • ALL SPORTS...Bucwild Sports compression arm sleeves are perfect for athletes in baseball, football, basketball (shooter sleeve), volleyball, golf, tennis, bowling, running, cross fit, cycling, weightlifting, and much more