5 in 1 Electric Manicure Nail Drill File Grinder Set

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5 in 1 Electric Manicure Nail Drill File Grinder Set




  • Meet your needs at great extent: This manicure and pedicure kit includes 5 types of drills, designed for diverse use - remove callus, clean, grind, and polish your nails
  • One-hand operation: Length about 16.5cm(6.50in). Allows your handle it with only one hand
  • Portable: Lightweight and portable nail drill kit for travel, business and other outdoor activities
  • Replaceable: The drill is replaceable and please poke the drill into the nail polish machine firmly in case of the drill's ejecting out
  • Convenient: Powered by 2 AA batteries, no need to looking for power supply at outsides, however the batteries are not included. Any questions, feel free to contact us.

Bought some materials for doing my nails at home instead of paying in the salon. It's less expense for me. In time I realize I needed one like this.

Five Interchangeable Attachments

1. Cone Metal Callus Remover X 1

Files and removes hardened skin and corns around the finger and toe, especially for the callus of hand.

2.Cylinder Coarse Polish Head X 1

Polish the edge of nail, shape the nail as you like, you can use along your nail edge.

3.Pink Coarse Disk Head X 1

Polish the corner of nail , smooth the edge

4. Cylinder smooth Shaper X 1 (Larger than the Polish Head)

Polish the nail tip, remove the uneven texture.

5.Soft Polishing Felt Cone X 1

Polishes nail to complete the manicure or pedicure


Package Includes:

  •  One (1) 5 in 1 Electric Manicure Nail Drill File Grinder Set