Dryer Vent Vacuum Hose Attachment Brush Lint Remover

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Help prevent fires with this Dryer Vent Vacuum Hose Attachment Lint Remover. Just attach to your vacuum and start sucking up that unnecessary, hard to get to lint that slows down the drying of your clothes, you can also use this kit for other household chores including dusting your bookshelf or cleaning the lint from your AC unit.


  • Remove Lint Build Up: The dryer vent cleaner kit removes lint that has accumulated for many years in the dryer vents, so your equipment runs more efficiently.
  • Flexible and handy vacuum hose attachments over 24inche in length allow for deep access to difficult places. Perfect for cleaning appliances that you can't move.
  • After connecting the vacuum cleaner, it can not only clean the dryer, washing machine but also clean the dust accumulated in the gaps of the keyboard, bookshelf, air conditioner, and other items
  • Prevent Fires: Using Lint Remover regularly to clean your dryer vent and help prevent deadly dryer vent fires from sparking.


Package Includes:

  • One (1) Dryer Vent Vacuum Hose Attachment Lint Remover