Silence Shopping 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car DIY Wrap Sheet Roll Film Sticker Decal Red or Black

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  • 100% Brand (Silence Shopping Store) new with good quality;
  • Carbon Fiber Style Sheet's Color: Red, Size:127X30cm( 50"X11.8")
  • Self adhesive stickers, High temperature & water Proof;This vinyl can be installed using 3M 94 Primer and 3M Edge sealer, these are not mandatory, these products will promote adhesion and add life to your vinyl. The sealer or primer will not remove the glue, deform the vinyl or ruin the texture unlike cheaper quality films.
  • The carbon sticker can be applied to car used, motorcycle parts, metal, mobile phone, laptop, furniture window molding
  • Self-adhesive, easy apply. Stretchable with heat. Water resistant. Easily cleansed with water. Long lasting; great for Christmas, Birthday, or Fathers Day gifts, good present for families, friends

Product Description

Silence Shopping offers premium quality cast vinyl adhesive film. With our vibrant colors and texture patterns, you can express your creativity exactly how you want. Our vinyl wraps have many possible applications and can be used on cars, motorcycles, home interiors, boats, personal devices, DIY projects, and much more.

Product Specifications:

  • Designed for Wet and Dry Application
  • Vinyl has natural "memory" - it can be wrinkled and then returned to near original condition with gentle heat applied
  • Recommend Tools - Heat gun and felt squeegee (not included)

Red Carbon Fiber Wrap

Product Description:

  • This 3D textured heavy vinyl covering (not simply printed on) is the casting type specially designed to provide durability and dimensional stability without needing any over-laminate.
  • The pressure-activated adhesive allows you to slide and reposition the film until you apply firm pressure.
  • The invisible air release channels assure a fast, easy and virtually bubble-free installation. This material can be used on the exterior or interior of your vehicle.
  • Features 3D carbon textured finish, the weave reflects light the same way as the actual carbon fiber
  • Ideal for long-term fleet and motorsport applications, economical alternative to paint
  • Easily removable, not damage to your car surfaces or coatings

Basic Installation Guide:

1)Wipe down and clean the desired surface

2) Peel off adhesive backing

3) Stretch the vinyl over the desired area

4) Remove air bubbles while applying the vinyl

5) Work your way along in one direction and carefully reposition the vinyl if necessary

6) Use a heat gun to slightly warm up the vinyl to increase flexibility

7) Press firmly and apply heat to the surface to assist with adhesion

8) Carefully trim the edges of the vinyl and tuck in the remaining edges to ensure a nice seal

Multiple applications:

  • Specially engineered for DIY'ers, make your own custom emblem
  • Fits interior and exterior applications, can cover any smooth surface
  • Applied to car used, motorcycle parts, metal, mobile phone, laptop, furniture window molding etc
  • Easily customize your Chevy Suburban, Equinox, Spark, Trailblazer, Silverado, Car, Truck, Van, SUV, etc
  • Great gifts for Christmas, Birthday, Fathers Day, families, friends

Measure the surface to cover, cut the film into right size, leaving about 5 cm extra overlap on all edges is better.

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap - Outdoor Rated for Automotive Use


  • Size: 127 * 30 cm
  • Material: Polymer PVC
  • Color: Red
  • Use: Car, furniture etc
  • Season: Spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • Package: 1 roll 3D carbon fiber vinyl wraps

Ease of Installation

  • Repositionable during installation. Conforms well to most contours and shapes.
  • Grid pattern on paper backing allows precise measuring and cutting.

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

  • This film has a genuine 3D texture that mimics the appearance of real carbon fiber.
  • See it catch the light, changing appearance throughout the day!