Flower Shaped Car Hand Strap

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  • 🌸Unique Design: Our new car ‘grab handle’ (tsurikawa) is shaped like a Japanese cherry blossom. It has a pink and white design that makes it seem as if you are viewing the flowering cherry blossoms at the foot of Mt. Fuji. This is one of Sakura Tsurikawa-JDM’s culturally trendy products.
  • 🌸The origin of tsurikawas: Stolen in trains by Japan young gangsters, also known as bosozokus, the tsurikawas were originally attached inside cars so passengers could slide their wrist inside the ring and safely hang their body outside the window.
  • 🌸Multipurpose: You can hang this tsurikawa on your car’s handrail as a security bracelet, or as a decoration for your car. It can also be used as a warning bracelet, as its eye-catching shape will attract other people’s attention. They will easily notice your car, which can reduce the likelihood of a collision. This tsurikawa is a beautiful and useful accessory that enhances your car’s esthetic appeal.
  • 🌸SIZE and Material: High-quality ABS plastic that is nontoxic, safe, durable, firm, does not easily break or fade, and is lightweight. Its woven wristband does not easily break, Sakura ring -4.8x 4.6x0.4inch, strap length is 6.8inch. Just take out the screw on the tsurikawa, take off the iron piece, pass the strap through the place where you install it, and tighten the screw to use.
  • 🌸About the Sakura Tsurikawa ring: Sakura Tsurikawa is a fully handmade product that our team has created. It comes with a Sakura Tsurikawa ring and a screwdriver. This product is not only designed as a wristband and warning bracelet, but can also provide you with a unique experience. This ring is highly plastic and can inspire you to think of a variety of potential applications.