Yellow Sticky Trap Fly Insect Trap Fungus Gnat Killer for Indoor and Outdoor Plants

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Yellow Sticky Trap Fly Insect Trap Fungus Gnat Killer for Indoor and Outdoor Plants



  • NATURAL CONTROL: Bright yellow colour and the glue will draw in flying insects, trap them, control infestation and break the breeding cycle.No vapour, odourless and allowed in organic farming.
  • PERFECT DESIGN: The shape of cat, bird, tulip, banyan, sunflower, butterfly and succulents is small and convenient for small potted plants.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Peel it and insert it in the plant pot.Suitable for a houseplant, a home kitchen, or a garden.
  • LONG-LASTING: With a solid adhesive on both sides, they are UV resistant and waterproof — no need to replace them until fully covered with bugs.
  • PACKAGE: Pack of 12 pcs.(A Digging tool included each pack )

Product Description

ALLRoad meets your best needs!

Have you spotted fruit flies swarming around your home or garden? With the ALLRoad Sticky Fruit Fly Trap, you can get rid of these annoying household pests in no time.

Why yellow?

It is that most flying insects are phototropic. They like bright colors like bright yellow. Take advantage of the phototaxis of flying insects can attract and catch flying insects effectively.

These sticky traps start to protect your plants and flowers! You can enjoy your plants right now.

Dual sides & Long-lasting

  • The glue will trap flying insects, control infestation and break the breeding cycle.
  • Double-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps are suitable to use on flowers, vegetables, and potted plants at home.
  • Novel design for potted plants, small size and various patterns. Banyan, sunflower, succulent, tulip, bird and cat shapes can make your pot plants look special.

Widely capture

  • Widely capture aphids, leaf miner, fungus gnats, white flies, black flies, midges, mosquitoes and other flying insects.
  • Waterproof so that you don't worry about the stickiness.
  • Help your plants grow up without pest or flying insects indoor and outdoor.
  • It's also great to use in backyard gardens, orchards, greenhouses and plant nurseries.
  • Add a touch of fun to your plants or garden.

Safe and pollution-free

  • Those fruit fly trap can also be seen in the kitchen next to fruit and food, rejecting food contamination.
  • No baits needed.


1. Remove the protective cover paper from the traps.

  • Please note that grasp the triangle shape (no glue) with one hand to tear off the protective cover more quickly without getting your fingers stuck.


2. Insert the triangle part into the pot soil.


3. You can place it on top of a small bottle. Add some banana, apple or honey to the bottle to make Fruit fly trap more effective.


4. No need to replace them until fully covered with bugs.

Use Tips

  • You can bait them to the very specific area. Once you do, the product works!
  • You can put strawberry tops around the trap to attract the fruit flies.
  • If you don’t have strawberries, you can use other fruits instead, such as rotten bananas. This is a good attractant for fruit flies.
Material Paper Stick & Paper Paper
Shape Sunflower & Butterfly Butterfly
Package 12/24/48 pcs 21/42/84 pcs 21 pcs

Package Includes:

  •  One (1) Yellow Sticky Trap Fly Insect Trap Fungus Gnat Killer for Indoor and Outdoor Plants