Wall Mounted Combination Key Safe Storage Box

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The item you are watching is newest key safe storage box with combination lock, it can store 2 keys with less than 70mm length. With this kit, you will never be locked outside when forgetting to take keys out the house or when your key is missing. It is made of strong Aluminum Alloy, which is tough and durable. The combination lock with 10 digital code provides double security for you keys. It can be widely used at home, office, factory, car van, RV etc.

How To Use It:

  • Set password
  • Step1: Open the key safe box, take out the password part
  • Step2: Loosen the screw on the center, take remove the white cover
  • Step3: Use the tool in the package to set the password. For example, you want set the password 2345, you just need use the tool to turn the arrow that correspond to these numbers down.

How To Open:

  • Set correct password, then press the Open key and pull out the cover to open.


  • Initial password is NULL, set the password before using it
  • You Must Remember the password you set. If not, you cannot open it.


  • Fashionable design and high quality
  • Ideal for Storing Keys Securely
  • Made of strong Aluminum Alloy resists hammering and sawing
  • Safety combination lock, 10 Digit Code (Initial Password is NULL)
  • Rust free and comes with weatherproof cover, suitable for outdoor use
  • Stores up to 2 keys 70mm or 1 Key 90mm
  • Enables access for the selected few
  • Easy and convenient to fit with the supplied fixings
  • Keep all your spare keys safe and secure with this key storage
  • Can be used as key storage box for home, office, factory, car van etc.


  • Model:   KS-004
  • Material:  Aluminum Alloy
  • Outside dimension:  Approx. 105mm length x 65mm width x 55mm thickness
  • Inside dimensions::   40mm wide x 70mm long x 25mm deep
  • Weight:  480g
  • Application:  Key storage for Home, Office, Factory, Car Van, etc.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Wall Mounted Combination Key Safe Storage Box
  • One (1) User Manual
  • One (1) Screws Set
  • One (1) Screw Tool