Portable Wireless Magic Wand WiFi Scanner with Computer Compatibility

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Scanning has never been easier. Simply turn on your scanner and drag the wand across the page you want to scan. The high-speed sensor will capture the image as it passes, saving scans as PDF or JPEG files. The scanner will work with documents, photos, receipts, artwork, fabric, sheet music, and more. There is no computer required with this Portable Wireless Magic Wand WiFi Scanner, as you can simply use the built-in wi-fi feature and mobile app (compatible with Apple and Android) to save scans directly to your smartphone or tablet. From the VuPoint app, you can view and upload your scans through Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, email, and more. For more options, you can also plug the scanner into your computer with the included USB charging cable and transfer files directly to your computer - this feature is compatible with Windows and Mac. You can even install the included OCR software to convert your scans to searchable PDFs and editable word documents (software is compatible with Windows only). Requires a microSD card up to 32GB (not included). Device compatible with Windows and Mac, non-essential software compatible with Windows only. No computer required with Wi-Fi feature (scan directly to your mobile device).


  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE - Slips conveniently into a purse or briefcase so you can scan important documents and photos on-the-go when no copier is available - this is a great option for eliminating unnecessary paper use and organizing files without stacks to sort through
  • SHARE OVER WI-FI - Navigate the 1.5" color LCD screen and use the optional free app to upload and share your scans to Cloud-based services - you can also save them directly to a mobile device or computer, or store them to a microSD card up to 32GB (required, not included)
  • VIEW AND TRANSFER FILES ON A COMPUTER - The integrated USB port allows you to connect your scanner to a computer via the USB cable to view and transfer your digital files to your computer (works with both Windows and Mac)
  • INCLUDES BONUS OCR SOFTWARE - Comes with Optical Character Recognition editing software, allowing you to convert scanned documents into text editable and searchable files (software compatible with Windows only)
  • SCANNING SPECS & ACCESSORIES - Features up to 8x zoom - scan in color or mono, JPEG or PDF, capturing documents 8.5" wide and up to 125" long in as little as 2 seconds - choose scan quality of 300, 600, or 1050 dpi for flexibility - accessories include USB charging cable, AC adapter, pouch, cleaning cloth, calibration paper, user manual, and OCR software, and manufacturer’s 90-day warranty

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Portable Wireless Magic Wand WiFi Scanner
  • One (1) USB Charge Cable