Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer - Red

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The Tool Sorter wrench tray - made in the USA - is compact, portable, and fits in most standard tool chest drawers. Up to 28 wrenches from 7mm - 1/4" (length up to 6.5”) to 19mm - 3/4" (length up to 9.5”) can be stored. The unique feature is an integrated sorting bar - slide the wrench, flip it and it is stored in the right place. The sorting bar accommodates both SAE and metric. The tray measures 13.5" x 10" x 1.5" and is made of sturdy ABS. This organizer is an improved version of the previous Sortatool tray and works better with shorter wrenches. Reviews highlighted the quality of the product and its storage capacity. This tray is great for anybody with wrenches scattered in tool chests or boxes. Please note that wrenches are not held in place in the organizer!

  • Slide - Flip - Store As simple as that!
  • Accommodates wrenches from 7mm - 1/4" (length up to 6.5”) up to 19mm - 3/4" (length up to 9.5”)
  • Works for SAE and metric wrenches
  • Measures 13.5" x 10" x 1.5" - compact and portable
  • Wrenches excluded!