Telescopic Extendable Snow Brush Ice Scraper




  • With low temperature resistant , effectively remove snow, not to hurt the paint.
  • Snow shovel head: use ABS high-strength plastic molding, is hard and firm; low-temperature-resistant is high performance, can use to shovel snow.
  • With the design of snow channel, removing snow is more clean.
  • Inside the handle with high-quality aluminum rod, high strength and good toughness.
  • Retractable aluminum alloy rod, can freely adjust the length, easy to clean snow, for a variety of models.
  • Dual purpose shovel, easy to get rid of the problems of winter snow and ice It is necessary for car maintenance.
  • In addition to remove snow and frost on the car, you can also brush electric cars, bicycles, åÊsnow-covered houses, glass doors and windows, and so on.
  • Item Height: 3cm
  • Item Length: 42.2cm
  • Item Width: 8.5cm
  • Item Weight: 0.21kg
  • Material Type: ABS, Aluminum alloy

Package Includes:

  • •ÈÀ•ÈÀOne (1)åÊTelescopic Extendable Snow Brush Ice Scraper