SNDWAY Self-Leveling Vertical and Horizontal Laser Tool




  • Press or slide locking switch to turn laser tool ON
  • Short press to turn laser tool OFF when the laser tool is locked with pendulum.
  • It is enabled when the laser tool is switched to the unlocked position.
  • It has laser beam(s) blink fast at 2 Hz when tool is out of self-leveling range.
  • It allows proper use of tool’s full time pulse mode with laser detector.
  • It is enabled when the pendulum lock is in its locked position to position the laser tool at various angles to project non-level straight lines.
  • It disables self-leveling operations; Accuracy of the beam(s) is not guaranteed to be level, and laser beam(s) will blink about every 5 seconds.


 Model  SW-311R   SW-311G
 Mini Cross Line Laser  Red Beams   Green Beams
 Laser Wavelength  635±5nm /  510-530nm
 Laser Class  Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014)  Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014)
 Leveling Accuracy  ±3mm/10m  ±3mm/10m
 Horizontal/Vertical Accuracy  ±3mm/10m  ±3mm/10m
 Leveling/Compensation Range  4°±1°  4°±1°
 Working Distance (Line)  10m  20m
 Working Distance (Line with Detector)  No  No
 Operating Time  Approximately>8 Hours  Approximately>8 Hours
 IP Rating  IP54  IP54
Operation Temperature Range   -10 ℃ – 50 ℃  -10 ℃ – 50 ℃
 Storage Temperature Range  -20 ℃ – 70 ℃  -20 ℃ – 70 ℃
 Power source  2*1.5V AA(not include)  2*1.5V AA(not include)
 Product Dimension      65.4x75x76mm  65.4x75x76mm
 Product Weight  261g  261g
 Package Size  135 x 125 x 80mm  135 x 125 x 80mm
 Package Weight  455g  455g


Package Includes:

  • One (1) Self-Leveling Vertical and Horizontal Laser Tool
  • One (1) Magnetic Pivoting Base
  • One (1) User Manual
  • One (1) Carry Bag