Smart Dancing Robot Dog with Voice Control




  • Voice control: you can control it by saying some simple orders, like sing a song, turn left, follow me, tell jokes, etc. 
  • Free mode: turn on it, it will sing and dance, making a interaction with you 
  • Fun to play: a good toy for kids 

How to Play:

  1. Put 4 x AA battery ( not included ) in the robot and then turn on it, press once its head to make it awake and play with you 
  2. When the eyes are deep blue, press its head again to switch it into voice control mode with green eyes, and then you can speak some simple order to control it


  • Its eyes will turn into light blue if it gets your mean, instead, keep green if not. 
  • It will switch into free mode automatically and hang if there is no order within 10s. 
  • It will turn off automatically if there is no interaction with it. Just press its head again if you want to awake it.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Smart Dancing Robot Dog with Voice Control