N2 Screen Protected Smart Nail





N2 serial smart nail comes in three models, N2M , N2F and N2L. Every model has distinctive function characteristics. 

The N2M:

A smart nail with a built-in microchip that is made by nano technology, it can copy and simulate to become any inductive IC card for the following scanners:

  • Access control card
  • Parking card
  • Elevator card
  • Shopping card
  • Time card
  • Membership card
  • Hospital card 

The N2F:

A smart nail with a new built-in NFC chip of N X P Semiconductors, with an exclusive APP, so it can run a wide variety of functions.

  • 106 KB/s data transmission, 100,000 cycles of writing operation durability degree.
  • Private Note --- Save all kind of private information to this Smart nail
  • Set the nail touch action to be the only way to view or edit , safe and fast.
  • Phone lock: set screen lock and APP lock randomly and let this smart nail become the only key of your privacy.
  • Share information: Touch to share “Business Card”, “Website link" or “Message ", simple and elegant. 

The N2L: 

A smart nail second generation of LED nail tip, made by a new generation of Guinness level flexible circuit boards. This smart nail has all the functions of previous models as well as the ability to become a SIM card for the following scanners:

  • NFC cell phone signal
  • Bus card signal
  • Metro card signal
  • Access control card signal
  • Shopping card signal
  • Parking card signal


  • Smart nail has high grade waterproof
  • Smart nail can be reused without charge
  • All materials are medical level, tasteless, non-toxic and no radiation

Package Includes:

  • One (1) N2 Screen Protected Smart Nail
  • One (1) User Manual