Mobile Phone Adaptable Gamepad Controller

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The Mobile Phone Adaptable Gamepad Controller Gaming Grip assists you in WINNING. All the mysteries are hidden in this easily portable oval-shaped gaming peripheral. With the Mobile Phone Adaptable Gamepad Controller Gaming Grip, you can have your account preserved. Just Play! Be kicked out from games? Does an account get banned? Speed is King: you can have the speed to get your Chicken Dinner in FPS games. Before playing games, customize your shoot, and aim buttons under the touchpad of the cell phone game controller.


  • Hardware Peripheral - Unlike other gaming peripherals, when playing with the Mobile Phone Adaptable Gamepad Controller Gaming Grip the game won't detect you as a emulator player so that there's no risk of being kicked out of the game or accounts being banned.
  • Shooting Clips - The clips' transparent design avoids screen blocking, the high-density conductive rubber and the alloy buttons ensures speedy and sensitive response. You can simultaneously shoot from both sides while switching angles. The two separated clips can best assist with micro-operations that are easily to be neglected by hand control.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Win - Super easy to setup. Its "egg-like" shape can be separated and assembled into a stretchable grip that fits any smartphones from 4.5 inches to 6.4 inches. Simply separate the "egg", stretch it to the size of your phone, put the clips on top of your device and you are ready to go!
  • User-friendly Design - Mobile Phone Adaptable Gamepad Controller Gaming Grip also allows gamers to charge and plug in earphones while playing. Designed for games on iPhone and android, perfectly compatible for PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Garena Free Fire, Survivor Royale, Knives Out, Critical Ops mobile and many more!
  • Ergonomic Design -Mobile Phone Adaptable Gamepad Controller Gaming Grip adopts polished metallic anti-scratching shell. Its ergonomic design is incomparable so that it reduces the hand fatigue due to long gaming sessions.

Install Instructions:

  • Step1: Click the "setting" in the menu
  • Step2: Click the "operation setting" and open the "user-defined panel"
  • Step3: Move the "shooting" and "aim"to the correct superposition
  • Step4: Install the device to phone

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Left Trigger  
  • One (1) Right Trigger

  • One (1) Hand-grip

  • Two (2) Joysticks