Mini Classic Retro Game Console with 600+ Games Built-In

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From your first Goomba stomp to your thousandth victory in Final Fantasy, this Gaming Console With Retro Games may just be the most nostalgic gaming console ever. This classic game console is ideal for collectors or anyone who enjoys video games, this Gaming Console lets you live out the good old days of gaming like never before. The system comes bundled with an AV cable, an AC adapter, two Classic Controller, and all 600+ pre-installed games, installed and ready-to-play. 


  • 600+ pre-installed games
  • Multiplayer functionality
  • Collector's item
  • Output DC 6V-150mA
  • TV signal system: HDMI output
  • TV status: AV
  • Console size: 13*4.5*10cm
  • 8-bit, no game card required

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Mini Retro Classic Game Console
  • 600+ Built-In Games
  • Two (2) Hardwired Controllers
  • One (1) HDMI Output Cable for TV
  • One (1) AC Electric Power Plug
  • One (1) User Manual