Stainless Steel Sauce Injector and Meat Tenderizer

How to Use:

  • Pull out the plunger and pour marinade or sauce into the tube. Then put the plunger into the tube and press it. 
  • You can also put the marinade in a container and suck the marinade from the container. The marinade or sauce will permeate into the meat when you tender it.

How to Clean and Maintain:

  • Pull out the plunger first and then pour clean warm water with detergent into the tube and press the water eject from the needle. 
  • Repeat this action several times, the last several times use the clean water without detergent.Use a clean towel to dry the water after cleaning and store it in a cool dry place kids can't access.


  • Make sure to WASH the tube of the tool with hot water after you use it, to prevent congestion of the holes. 
  • Please make sure that the particles of your pepper or sauce are GROUND to the FINEST, or they will plug the hole of it. 
  • When receiving it, you may find there was a little oil in the tube.The oil was used for protection and will protect the product from abrasion. It is EDIBLE and SAFE.Please make sure to WASH it carefully.


  • DUAL FUNCTIONS: Meat Tenderize and Flavor Enhance at the same time. A built-in Plunger Releases Marinade into Meat Via Three Needle-like Applicators, Quickly Saturating the Interior of Food with Flavor Enhancing Ingredients.
  • QUALITY & DURABLE: It is made of strong 304 stainless steel and high quality plastic.If it's used carefully and maintained well.You can cook delicious food for years.
  • SAFE & HEALTHY: All of the item is made of 100% food-safe material, no any harmful chemicals.
  • EFFICIENT COOKING: Our good concept and ingenious meat tenderizer gadget allows you tenderize and inject marinade into the meat at the same time.It will greatly improve your cooking efficiency and make the food more delicious.
  • USE WIDELY: Perfect for almost any meats, such as pork, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish and so on. Great tool for home kitchen and outdoor barbecue party.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Stainless Steel Sauce Injector and Meat Tenderizer