Lighted Facial Hair Remover

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Perfect for Eyebrows, Face, nose & Ear Hair. Lighted Facial Hair Remover is specially designed for ladies. It's precision engineering to maintain Beautiful eyebrows. Using wax, threading, or plucking to clean the short hairs waste your relaxing time and hurt skin. This eyebrow hair trimmer is a perfect replacement for your tweezers.  Saves you time and keeps your beauty.



  • AAA Battery - Not included
  • Size: 6.1"
  • Bright LED Light Once you push the button, you could see each hair clearly with the bright light anywhere at any time. Do not need to find a lighting place to shape your eyebrows.
  • Small as a Lipstick Thanks to its small size and lightweight, we could take it anywhere easily like your lipstick.


Package Includes:

  • One (1) Lighted Facial Hair Remover