Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty Ultra Sharp - Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors Dishwasher Safe - Culinary Scissors Come Apart -Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors With Magnetic Holder And Titanium Coating

- Finally Durable, Multi-functional, Come-Apart Kitchen Shears Built to Last!
- Looking for a Multi-Purpose, Ultra-Sharp, Durable Kitchen Scissors with Comfortable handle?
- Poultry shears ‰ÛÒ Trim off fat or skin or cut bite size pieces - much safer than using a knife on slippery chicken and more fun too.
- All-purpose kitchen scissors ‰ÛÒ Snip herbs, cut tough cardboard or plastic packaging, shape dough or trim pastry sheets, trim flower stems, trim pasta or noodles, peel shrimp.
- You can even cut slices of pizza.
- Nut cracker / shell cracker ‰ÛÒ Easily open bottles, crack nuts and shells.
- Pop top bottle opener ‰ÛÒ Open bottles and jars fast and easy.
- Includes a magnetic safety cover for convenient storage and soft silicone ergonomically grip.
- With Stella's Kitchen Ultra Sharp Kitchen Shears 8 in 1 with 1 TOOL; you can separate a whole roast chicken like a CHEF!
- You can use the handle as a screwdriver.
- What are you waiting for? Get yours today and one as a housewarming gift to a dear friend or a beloved family member!

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  • Stainless Steel
  • MULTI-PURPOSE UTILITY SCISSORS with Sharp Blade for Chicken, Poultry, Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Herbs, and BBQ's.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: Not Just a Pair of Kitchen Scissors! Our PREMIUM QUALITY Heavy Duty Scissors can be used as Food Slicer, Fruit & Vegetable Peeler, Bone Cutter, Fish Scare Remover, Nut Cracker, Twist Off Cap Remover, Bottle Opener, for Flower Stems, as a Screwdriver or Serrated Knife.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY & DESIGN: Super Sharp Blades. Made of Heavy Duty, Long-lasting Carbon Stainless Steel Metal. This makes it one of the best kitchen shears you can find in terms of reliability and value. EXTRA THICK for added strength and durability.
  • AMAZING PERFORMANCE IN THE KITCHEN AND OUTSIDE - Whether you‰۪re cutting through dried fruit or construction paper, never be caught without an amazing set of shears. Once you owned this shears, no need to spend time to find other tools! Easily take apart or combine together as required. When cutting, use the part closer to the tip for paper, plastic foil or bag. Use part closer to the handle for cutting chicken bones or meat.
  • COMFORTABLE EASY GRIP HANDLES & BONUS MAGNETIC BLADE HOLDER/COVER - Super sharp scissors will make food preparation easier and faster. The bonus magnetic case/blade guard can protect the blades from damage and avoid hurting your hands. When placed on your refrigerator door, your culinary scissors will always be on the right spot for any kind of use.