Men's Elegant Soft Knit Winter Scarf

Best Seller
Best Seller


A Wardrobe Must Have
You’ll want to wear this soft scarf all the time. We’ve created winter scarf for men with a universally appealing, classic Herringbone pattern for your everyday fashion needs.

Superior Quality
Crafted of the finest 100% lightweight, acrylic fibers, to ensure your scarf will keep you warm n’ toasty for a nice long while. Highly durable yet feathery soft and breathable with no pilling, shrinking or stretching.

Functionality in Detail
You’ve wanted to find your perfect neck scarf that’s not too long nor too short… perfect coverage without being too bulky. Well, we’ve met your needs and then some. The men scarves length is a generous 180cm to drape elegantly with the ideal ‘give’. Gallery Seven designer scarf boasts a generous width size of 30cm for that toasty warm and ultra-chic embrace.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Elegant Soft Knit Winter Scarf