Creative Multi-Function Kitchen Gadget


Food grade PP material, environmental health, combining similar to a flower pot, in fact, 10 in 1 fruit cutter.

Product Size: 240*140mm

1. Juicer angular, sharp not to hurt the hand, juicing faster and better, well preserved fruit nutritional value;

2. The necessity of home life;

3. Home essential!!Mom essential!!Summer essential!!

Package content:

1 * masher: Mash the ingredients in the bowl;

1 * apple cutter: it can cut an apple into 8 equal parts at the same time;

1 * avocado scoop: Take the divided avocado out cleanly as a whole;

1 * citrus cutter: Peels of citrus can be put into from the gap;

1 * mesh cutter: Usedto cutter soft ingredients like kiwifruits,strawberries and bananas into threadiet;

1 * lemon squeezer: Used to squeeze juice form small fruit of citrus kind like lemons;

1 * bowl: Used to place lemon squeezer,grapefruits squeezer,grater and mesh cutter.And it can be used together with the masher to mash the ingredients;

1 * grater: It can puiverize apples,fresh ginger and peels of citrus;

1 * grapefruite squeezer;

5 * picks: Pick for fruit

  • 【Environmental health Materials】 Food Grade PP and Stainless Steel Blade. 10 in 1 fruit cutter.
  • 【Ten Tools in One】 1 * Masher; 1 * Apple Cutter; 1 * Avocado Scoop; 1 * Citrus Cutter; 1 * Mesh Cutter; 1 * Lemon Squeezer; 1 * Bowl; 1 * Grater; 1 * Grapefruit Squeezer; 5 * Fruit Picks.
  • 【Multi-Functional】 Ideal for fruit salads, cocktails and smoothies. Perfect suitable for Christmas Party, Birthday Party or any other special occasion.
  • 【Fashionable design】 Great for a Wedding Gift, Housewarming Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Christmas Gift.
  • 【FAST & SIMPLE】 Peels, cores, and slices an entire fruit in seconds.