Professional Anti-Fog UV Protection Ski Goggles



Small outdoor equipment - Feier Yusi ski goggles and beach goggles to make your outdoor sports full of endless possibilities.

Explore Feier Yusi distinctive ski goggles:

Feier Yusi ski goggles as eye armor is one that is both professional and special outdoor ski goggles beach goggles.It supports outdoor riding, hiking, skiing and many other sports surfing.

Products features:

⒈Frame with high-quality TPU material, with high tensile, toughness and anti-aging properties; even if you encounter a big impact, do not worry about frame fracture or deformation and hurt your eyes.
⒉The Lens PC material, PC lens has a strong flexibility, not broken, 2cm can be used for bullet-proof glass, it is also called safety lenses.
⒊Japanese-shaped buckle elastic band design, simple and elegant, convenient and quick, from children to adults are applicable.
⒋Single-layer sponge design, provides maximum comfort, more cushioning effect.
⒌The top of the glasses has five air vent guide slots, good ventilation, short time to prevent fog.

Feier Yusi ski goggles for the crowd:

adult males and females, Feier Yusi sky goggles usa can be for outdoor riding, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, surfing and other outdoor sports, has anti wind and snow prevention and anti - ultraviolet and so on many kinds of functions. Feier Yusi sky goggles also outer eye fit suitable for multipurpose usage, outdoor sport, kite surfing, jet skiing, airsoft, paintball, etc.

"The eyes are the windows of the soul, in order to protect the eyes, let your eyes have an eye armor.You should choose a professional goggles,Feier Yusi ski googles glasses with all the accessories let you enjoy the happiness and security in outdoor sports ".

Products include:
*Feier Yusi Ski Goggles Protective.
*Get FREE soft fabric ski goggles pouch.
*Get FREE glasses cleaning cloth.
*Get FREE product Instructions.

  • PERFECT UNIQUE HUMANIZED DESIGN: - 100%Brand new high quality PC goggles tinted with durable ABS piastic,anti-fog coating and soft sponge cushion, the ski goggles tinted glasses with PC lenses are very flexible,not broken,also known as safety lenses,with the characteristics of air optical lens;can anti-glare, anti-sand.The goggles not only is a ski glasses googles skiing also are water sports goggles.If you take goggles helmet ,skiing is better.
  • HIGH-QUALITY EXHAUST FRAME: - 100% TPU Frame materials hot optical frames.The ski goggle glasses of frame is made of high quality TPU materials With high tensile strength, aging resistance and other characteristics,strap on goggles,even in the face of high impact, do not worry about broken glasses frame deformation, hurt your eyes.This is one of the features of our Feier Yusi snowboard skate goggles.
  • FLOW VENT TECHNOLOGY: - Features 100%UV optics UV400 protection with Single sponge design, with a buffer effect. At the top of ski goggles snowboarding ski, there are five air vent guide slot, safe vent and good ventilation to prevent fog & optimize the airflow within the lens. The snowboard ski glasses protection anti wind .This ensures that you have a good visual effect.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP: - Adjustable non-slip and high elastic hot tub wind straps, snowboard goggles bolle with two straps can suited for most ages and head sizes of any person,both men and women to wear.The ski goggles with glasses will give your head a comfortable feel.The ski goggles over glasses make you feeling full of energy.
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE: - Suitable for multipurpose usage,goggle sunglasses and kids goggles of large have ice age double feature, example outdoor sports,cycling ,kite surfing,snowboarding,jet skiing,airsoft,paintball and so on .Goggles with other ski snowboard Accessories is perfect.As 2016 hot product,Our snowboard sunglasses video is also spread in you tub.From the pursuit of Oakley ski mirror, we have a unique feature of this ski mirror.