Electronic Waterproof Smart Ring

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Best Seller


Turn your fashion into the latest technology. The brand new Electronic Waterproof Smart Ring is the newest to join bluetooth technology. This ring allows you to connect to your phone, save data, and even open scan-to-lock doors. Put the power in your hands today!


  • Amorphous Titanium Alloy 
  • 18K Rose Gold
  • Epoxy Crystal Ceramic
  • Long lasting - no need for battery charge
  • High Speed NFC Dual-core Chips
  • 1. The “I” , ”II” Letters area carries a new High speed smart NFC Dual-core chip.
  • 2. It has 106 KB/s data transmission, and 100,000 cycles of writing operation durability degree, can store data for 10 years, and effectively guarantee the safety and stability of the data. 
  • 3. Besides, it brings top speed operation experience to the following mobile NFC features.
  • Position with "I" is chipset A, Position with "II" is chipset B - Each chipset can write in different
  • Health Module - "Germanium","Volcanic Magnet", "FIR Energy Stone"
  • The three Natural devices can improve human performance effectively.
  • The key of Intelligent door - User can set Smart ring as the key to door according to the matching process of intelligent door lock. It supports all NFC door locks
  • Waterproof / Dust-proof / Shock Absorbent / Fall-proof

Multi-function APP:

  • Private Note
  • Mobile phone lock
  • Whisper
  • Magic business card
  • Quick start
  • Share information
  • Push Message
  • Message Reminder
  • Call Reminder

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Electronic Waterproof Smart Ring
  • One (1) User Manual