Compact Rechargeable Emergency LED Flashlight

Best Seller
Best Seller


  • Compact Rechargeable Emergency LED Flashlight with No batteries to replace, always ready to shine, making it the ideal emergency flashlight.  Stay prepared with this rechargeable handheld compact flashlight. It plugs safely into the wall outlet, and will automatically turn on when you experience a power outage/blackout, so you won't be left in the dark!

  • Features:
    • Easy to find when needed – light turns on automatically when the power goes out
    • Retractable prongs for a comfortable grip
    • Reliable emergency flashlight
    • Automatically turns on when plugged in when the power goes out.
    • The built-in battery recharges overnight when plugged into a wall outlet, delivering a runtime of up to 3. 5 hours. You can unplug from the wall and use it as a regular handheld flashlight for portable light in emergencies!
    • The retractable plug/prongs system transforms the wall unit into a handheld emergency flashlight. It is compact and light for easy portability to carry around the house.
    Package Includes:
      • One (1) Compact Rechargeable Emergency LED Flashlight