Clean Cut Disinfecting Wipes Fresh Scent

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Clean Cut Disinfecting Wipes Fresh Scent



  • KILLS 99.9% OF BACTERIA: Kill common household bacteria in just 15 seconds and leave hard, non-porous, non-food surfaces clean and disinfected.
  • KILLS COLD & FLU VIRUS: Kills Influenza A Virus H1N1 and Influenza Type A Virus / Brazil, the Flu Virus on hard, non-porous, non-food surfaces.
  • CUT GREASE & GRIME: Cloth-like texture cuts through tough grease and grime, making Clean Cut Disinfecting Wipes great for cleaning up tough messes around the kitchen.
  • TRAPS HAIR & DUST: Clean Cut Disinfecting Wipes trap and lock away hair, lint and dust have a long-last scent that makes them great for cleaning bathrooms.
  • LEAVES NO RESIDUE: The fast-drying formula leaves no dull or sticky residue and cleans to a virtually streak-free shine. They are perfect for sanitizing & disinfecting computers, keyboards & touchpads.

Package Includes:

  •  One (1) Clean Cut Disinfecting Wipes Fresh Scent