Car Documents Holder Case



Car Documents case/holder 4.5” high x 5” wide, black & gray contemporary graphic design, organize your important automotive documents like insurance, DMV registration, AAA, Auto Club Cards, toll slips and parking receipts. This case made of high quality vinyl with flexible plastic case lining resists creasing and bending of the holder. The benefits of this case are that it enables you to have all these important documents and identification cards in one place so when you actually need them, they are handy and available for use. Customer testimonials emphasize the ease and convenience of the Car Documents holder for your important documents. They like the quality, the design, the modern graphics , high functionality and ability to find it in all lighting conditions, day or night. Especially important users are young drivers who may not know all of the names for the various documents the case contains but if stopped, they just pull the Car Documents holder out and are able to retrieve the correct card or receipt for review. This product is unlike most of it’s competitors in that it is very well made (because of that is costs a bit more than others), it has a great design and it is long lasting due to the quality materials that it is made of. Try a couple and you will enjoy them. Excellent gifts for family and friends. They’re great!!


  • ORGANIZATION - Have your insurance card and DMV vehicle registration safe and accessible, when you need it.
  • PROTECTION - Your automotive documents are protected and kept neat for inspection
  • STRESSLESS - When asked, confidently reach for your documents, knowing exactly where they are. No stress, no fumbling and searching, just confidence.
  • QUALITY - DURABLE & LONG LASTING CONSTRUCTION, HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Crafted with high quality polypropylene board , NOT cheap cardboard liners

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Car Documents Holder Case