Best Ice Scraper With Water Proof Storage Bag - Ultra Durable Ice Chisel With Foam Grip for Scraping Ice From Car and Truck Windows and Windshields - So Good We Back it with a 10 Year

Are you sick and tired of using that wimpy ice scraper that unevenly gets the ice off of your windshield?

  • BONUS - We include a waterproof storage bag for your ice scraper, so you can keep your scraper in the car without getting it wet and dirty.
  • ENDURANCE - Our two-sided ice scraper is built to endure the toughest ice scraping and to outlast your car! Now that‰۪s a tough ice scraper!
  • ICE CHISEL - One side of the ice scraper has the ice chisel function. You will use that to scrape off the snow and thin ice of the windows of your car.
  • ICE CLAW - For thicker ice on your car window, you will use the ice claw side of the scraper.
  • FOAM GRIP - It is designed with an ergonomic foam grip to give you the best comfort in your hand.
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