3D Mask Bracket Inner Support Frame,Under Frame Lipstick Protector Keep Fabric off Mouth to Create More Breathing Space,Reusable Washable Translucent,Pack of 5

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  • Lipstick Protector :This 3D bracket helps to protect makeup, made from a upgrade soft plastic that is very comfortable against our faces, non-toxic , safe, washable for reuse,no more lipstick stick, protecting your perfect makeup from being messed up.Within 24 hours via amazon instant message reply, worry-free service, to give you a secure shopping security
  • More Space for Breathing: 3D Inner Bracket keeps fabric off the mouth to create more breathing space for comfortable breathing.
  • Ideal Saver: Under Frame Lipstick Protector makes it not to stick lipstick, protecting your perfect makeup from being messed up.If you wear glasses, 3D Inner Bracket can also prevent the lens from fogging because of more breathing space.
  • Easy to use:There are two clips on both sides, you can hang the bracket on the face to prevent slipping without using double-sided tape.
  • Washable & Reusable: Our Inner Support Frame is made of food grade material, washable and reusable. 3D Inner Bracket also suitable for everything.


Dear customers, regarding the feedback on the size of our products in the comments, after market research, our size is the common size in the market, please buy according to your own size.

Do you always feel hard to breathe when wearing a face cover?

Our 3d bracket will help a lot on improving it by creating more breathing space as the bracket can hold up the fabric around the mouth. No sweaty face or messy makeup anymore!

1. More Space for Breathing

2. Much Cleaner for Wearing Mask

3. Ideal Saver for Makeup and Glasses

4. Reusable & Washable & Safe

Comfortable, breathable and refreshing~

Don’t worry about slipping off. The ma-sk holder will not make your face tight.

The best choice for show and party makeup lovers. It can prevent lipstick and makeup from falling off.

An essential travel item. If you choose to wear it when there are many people, it is the perfect choice. It will not make you feel very stuffy.

In addition, the support frame can also reduce the frequency of friction between the ma-sk and the face to protect the ma-sk lining from being soiled.

Warm Tips:

Please clean and disinfect before use.

Put the face bracket covering inner support frame inside, lower your head and wear it to prevent the holder from falling. Adjust the position of the face bracket to make it fit face perfectly.

You can also try to use Double Sided Tape or needle & thread to fasten the face bracket inner support frame which can make it work better, prevent the lipstick protector from moving.

Warranty policy:

Within 24 hours via amazon instant message reply, worry-free service, to give you a secure shopping security