Yoga Dharma Training Wheel



Want To Improve Your Balance, Posture & Precision? Here’s The Must-Have Yoga Accessory!

Our durable, safe and ergonomic yoga dharma wheel is finally here to help you take your yoga performance to the next level and achieve even the most demanding yoga poses without risking any accidents!

We Have Re-Invented The Wheel!

Support your body with our sturdy yoga wheel and feel confident and comfortable every time you try a new yoga pose. The convenient and practical design will allow you to reach your full potential and finally enjoy your yoga sessions to the fullest!


  • Discover The Yoga Prop That Will Change Your Life: At first sight, it seems like an ordinary wheel. But once you first try it, you will be blown away! The premium yoga wheel prop by Pete’s Choice is going to become absolutely essential for your yoga sessions!
  • Superior Quality Materials & Construction: Unlike other flimsier yoga wheels, this wheel is made of 100% high-quality, durable ABS material (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which makes it extremely sturdy, safe and comfortable
  • Enhance Your Balance, Precision & Flexibility: You will be amazed by the life- changing benefits of our elite yoga dharma wheel prop. Not only does it massage the entire length of your spine, it also helps open the front side of your body including the shoulders, abdomen and chest!

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Yoga Dharma Training Wheel