Rubber Anti-Slip Sticky Grip Car Dashboard Gel Mat with 2 Slots



1 .can't put to where impact airbag operation and driving.
2. Don't place on products which will deformed or broken due to thermal deformation and metamorphism (such as lighters, high-pressure tank).
3. If the mat surface becomes dirty, adsorption force will also becomes weak and then please wash it with water, and fully dry before using.
4. please don't use on the instrument with special coating.Because the instrument desk collect sunlight, which may cause different color changes.
5. When cleaning with water, please do not use cleaning detergent. Clean with clear water.
6.M(18x11cm) :Suitable for 4.7-5.5 inch mobile phones.

  • 2 slots Rubber Car gel Pad nonslip mat
  • Can stick on the car any flat position, can stick and protect mobile phone boxes, CD boxes, glasses, cigarette case, business CARDS, paper and other moving objects, and won't cause any damage to be cover;
  • this product is environmental protection material, contact with the soil will naturally decompose, won't cause pollution;
  • it need to be placed in a relatively smooth place, If the product glue with dust, it need to remove dust in the paste before or wash with water after can continue to use.