Brush Hero Wheel Brush - Auto Cleaning Kit w/ Water-Powered Rim Cleaner to Scrub and Wash Tires, Grills, Bike & Motorcycle Wheels - Car Detailing Spinning Brushes

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  • THE ORIGINAL WATER-POWERED CAR WHEEL BRUSH: Say goodbye to the grime, muck, and road dust that lives in your wheels! Also, say goodbye to wheel woolies too! This car rim brush meets all of your car washing and surface detailing needs!
  • INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS: Includes two wheel brushes for cleaning wheels - 1 soft black brush for sensitive surfaces & 1 tough white brush for any heavy duty muck you come across. But no matter how dirty the job, this wheel brush cleaner can handle it!
  • STRONG TORQUE: The water-powered wheel cleaner brush provides slow, steady torque for maximum scrubbing power. It is not meant to spin fast, but to eliminate dry mud and grit by working it away with gradual, relentless force.
  • GO BEYOND THE WHEELS: The wheel cleaning brush cuts through any brake dust and road muck with ease, but -- best of all! -- you can use it on all the exterior surfaces of your car! This wheel well brush won't scratch or chip the paint!
  • JUST ADD WATER: No batteries or electricity! The Brush Hero tire brush for car connects to any garden hose and is powered by water pressure alone. Simply attach and let our water-powered technology do the work.

Product Description

Designed to rotate with continuous strength to provide the perfect balance of power throughout the entire brush head.

Works with water! Just connect to any ordinary garden hose and get the most amazing clean without any batteries or electricity.

It’s not meant to spin fast, slow and steady means maximum scrubbing power so not a single spot is missed.

Crafted from high quality injection molded plastic that never corrodes and is sure to be a lasting item in your toolbox.

Brush Hero Kits + Detailing Accessories

1 cleaning turbine
1 soft brush (black)
1 hard brush (white)
1 stiff brush (grimefighter)
1 tapered brush (navigator)
Flow-Pro + ergonomic handle
Citrus detailing spray
2 soft replacement brushes