Auto Car Detailing Kit Interior Exterior - 5 Detail Brush, 3 Wire Brush, 3 Drill Brush, 2 Car Wash Sponge,1 Cone Sponge,1 Microfiber Mitt, 1 Automotive Air Vent Brush and Cloth

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  • Various size & Soft Detailing Brushes - Durable dry-wet double use brushes are designed for auto use such as detailing wheel lock nuts, wheels and finished leather without scratches,also good for life such as detailing your kitchen stove, faucets, bathtub, and any other tight spots.
  • 3 different sizes and shapes of drill brushes - 3 different sizes drill brushes are designed for cleaning wheels, tires and bathroom and varous floos, etc.
  • Multi-purpose automotive wire brushes - Mental brushes for heavy duty scrubbing. Plastic brush for delicate parts and vehicle interiors. Non-slip handles brushes are also nice for household use such as toilet, carpet etc.
  • Car Wash Cleaning Tools - Microfiber wash mitt, different shapes car wash sponge and air conditioner brush offer all-around service for scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free finish.
  • Car Detailing kit Including: - 5 X Detail Brush, 3 X Wire Brush, 3 X Drill Brush, 2 X Wax Applicator Pad, 1 X Cone Sponge, 1 X Car Wash Mitt, 1X Automotive Air Conditioner Brush, 1 X Air Conditioner Brush Cloth