6W Violetilac Quick Dry LED Nail Lamp

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Best Seller


Running out of time? Set your freshly painted nails under the brand new 6W Violetilac Quick Dry LED Nail Lamp. This nail lamp is perfect for setting your nails to dry. It quickly dries them allowing you to enjoy your day. Order yours today!


  • Eliminates any noises by keeping cool without a fan. 
  • Cures in half the time of the average UV nail lamps (even at 6w!) 
  • Easy to use with one button design and built in timer of 45 and 60 second settings. 
  • Miniature, lightweight and compact design mean it's easily portable and perfect for travelling. 
  • Gorgeous, unique pattern makes a perfect gift for friends and family. 
  • Quick Drying: This is a LED nail lamp shorten your curing time by 50% than other UV nail lamps. It is only compatible with LED gel nail polishes.
  • Low Heat: The nail lamp cures your gel nail polishes with creating low heat that protect your hands. If you feel this nail lamp is a little small for your hands, we recommend to cure your thumb firstly, then cure the left 4 fingernails.
  • Easy to Use: This lamp has a one-button design with a built-in timer. Press the button once for 60 seconds and twice for 45 seconds. This setup is easy to use even for the nail art beginner.
  • Portable: MelodySusie 6W Mini nail dryer is compact, ergonomic, and lightweight. It's the perfect pocket nail lamp for school, office, home use, and travel.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) 6W Violetilac Quick Dry LED Nail Lamp